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Summer at the FHI

Want to know what FHI faculty, staff, and students are up to this summer? The FHI staff have created a map to tell you a little bit about each of our affiliate scholars' projects and where in the world they are doing them! Interact away!

Reacting to the Past

Author: FHI Admin
This past weekend (Jan 19-20), the FHI was a vortex of epoch-making political debates...

"They were hacking it like crazy"

Author: FHI Admin
Duke News has an excellent feature out on GreaterThanGames' Speculation ARG, with great interview snippets from the game's co-creators Kate Hayles and Patrick Lemieux.

Financial crisis spreads across college campuses... in alternate reality, anyway

Author: FHI Admin
Students at Vassar College and the University of Chicago are hooked on the GreaterThanGames Lab's Speculation ARG

Open Houses!

Author: FHI Admin
Find out how to get involved with BorderWork(s), GreaterThanGames, Haiti Humanities Labs - plus the brand new PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge...

Speculation: Phase 2

Author: FHI Admin
New independent study on game design and the financial crisis...

Nex is coming...

Author: FHI Admin
The GreaterThanGames Lab's alternate reality game Speculation has launched...

How They Got Game

Author: Admin Person
Student video on World of Warcraft explores real-world ethics in a virtual universe


Author: FHI Admin
An alternate reality game on the future of capitalism

GreaterThanGames wordle

Author: FHI Admin