Research Opportunity: Mapping the Landscape Grants

Mapping the Landscape, Journeying Together Literature Review Grants

A rigorous review of the literature is foundational to any effort to advance practice, theory, or research in a given field of inquiry. We are seeking rigorous reviews on topics related to humanism in healthcare. Acceptances are issued by August and teams receive a $5,000 grant to complete a submission-ready manuscript within 18 months. Sixty-nine percent of our first cohort of teams have published their papers in peer-reviewed journals. Grantees have commented that this external funding provided an impetus for them, and in turn, their institutions, to prioritize humanism-focused projects.

Mapping the Landscape, Journeying Together Advocacy and Discovery Grants

Previous Mapping the Landscape Literature Review grantees are invited to apply for $15,000 to engage in a project or study that builds on their literature review. Priority will be given to teams whose literature reviews have been published. Advocacy Grants support projects where a team uses information or evidence derived from their literature review to advocate for change. Discovery Grants support studies designed to fill a research gap identified in their literature review. Grantees have told us that these grants provide a viable way to move research into practice-based projects.