Story+ Summer 2018: Call for Faculty, Library, & Other Duke Project Sponsors

Deadline: November 15, 2017

Duke faculty, librarians, and academic program staff administrators: join us for an information session on Monday, October 30, 1:00 - 2:00pm (Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall, Bay 4, Smith Warehouse) to learn more about how Story+ may fit into and benefit your on-going research and other academic projects!

Story+ is a new 6-week summer program in humanities research with a public component, piloted by the Franklin Humanities Institute in Summer 2017 in conjunction with Bass Connections and Versatile Humanists @ Duke.

In Story+, small teams of undergraduates collaborate on focused projects that contribute to the broader research, teaching, scholarly communications, and/or public engagement agendas of Duke faculty, Duke librarians, non-profit organizations, and other University or non-University project sponsors. Undergraduates work under the day-to-day mentorship of a graduate student in the humanities or interpretive social sciences. Story+ final projects may take the form of writing, exhibits, websites, short films/videos, podcasts, social media content, or other genres.

Project sponsors benefit from the opportunity to engage a team of students, who are provided with appropriate guidance and mentoring, in producing a tangible product that may further their work. Undergraduate participants will learn to conduct research in the humanities (e.g. archival research, narrative analysis, visual analysis, oral history, to name only a few) and to communicate the results of their research through compelling storytelling techniques. Graduate mentors get the distinctive pedagogical and professional opportunity to manage a vertically integrated collaborative project, and facilitate the network of relationships that such projects entail. This is a full-time, intensive program for undergraduates. Graduate mentors work 12-15 hours a week. The program covers student stipends and provides collaborative work spaces for teams, as well as modest project resources upon request (e.g. for books, software, etc.). Story+ funding can be supplemented by other sources available to the project sponsors, internal or external.

In addition, Story+ will design a central “curriculum” for participating students based on the line-up of projects. An opening “boot camp” will cover basic skills that apply to all or most teams (e.g. note-taking practices, citation management, relevant digital tools and platforms, etc.). During the 6 weeks of the program, there will be opportunities to dig deeper into writing, narrative voice, visual story-telling, community engagement, and other important aspects of humanistic scholarship for public audience.

We invite proposals from Duke faculty, archivists, and other campus community members for the Summer 2018 edition of Story+. Up to 8 projects will be selected. We seek projects of any topics that are anchored in humanities research methods and questions, with well-defined end products that can be feasibly completed in 6 weeks – for example, a website that supplements a scholarly monograph, an exhibit based on an archival collection, a podcast that translates a complex research topic to a general audience, or if more appropriate for the scale of the project, portions of a website/exhibit/podcast/etc. We also encourage proposals that build upon or build towards course offerings, Humanities Labs, or Bass Connections teams during the regular school year. As possible points of reference, please see this list of Story+ 2017 participants and final project outcomes and more extensive project descriptions prepared as part of the 2017 graduate and undergraduate CFPs.

Please send 2-page proposals to by November 15, 2017. Proposals should include the following components:

  1. Brief description of the overall project.
  2. Description of the specific project goal(s) and outputs you hope to accomplish through Story+.
  3. List of essential skills undergraduates will need to contribute to this goal.
  4. Any funding that from external sources or other Duke units that can support the work of the team.

For queries about the program or to discuss specific project ideas, please email Christina Chia.