How do we tell compelling stories about complex historical, cultural, and social realities - great stories that stay with the audience, and even change minds? Story+ is a 6-week summer research experience for students – undergraduate and graduate – interested in bringing academic research to life through dynamic storytelling.

In its pilot run in summer 2017, Story+ supported a diverse slate of projects that ranged from a collaborative analysis of a 9th century Greek dictionary to digital exhibits on race and ethnicity in the US advertising history. To see a full list of these projects, including participants in each team and what they accomplished in the program's 6-week run, please click here. More detailed descriptions of the projects, created as part of the undergraduate and graduate calls for applications, can be found in this PDF.

In Story+, small teams of undergraduates collaborate on focused projects that contribute to the broader research, teaching, scholarly communications, and/or public engagement agendas of Duke faculty, Duke librarians, non-profit organizations, and other University or non-University project sponsors. They work under the day-to-day mentorship of a graduate student in the humanities or interpretive social sciences. Story+ final projects may take the form of writing, exhibits, websites, short films/videos, podcasts, social media content, or other genres.

Story+ is offered through the FHI and Bass Connections, in partnership with Versatile Humanists at Duke.