Book awards for Duke historians Anna Krylova and Phil Stern

Krylova book coverStern book coverWe are very pleased to share the news that BorderWork(s) Lab Co-director Phil Stern and his History Department colleague Anna Krylova have both won prestigious book prizes from the American Historical Association. Congratulations! 

Professor Krylova's Soviet Women in Combat: A History of Violence on the Eastern Front (Cambridge, 2010), received the Herbert Baxter Adams Prize for European history from 1815 to the present. Professor Stern's book, The Company-State: Corporate Sovereignty and the Early Modern Foundation of the British Empire in India (Oxford, 2011), is winner of the Morris D. Forkosch Prize for best book in English in the field of British, British Imperial, or British Commonwealth history since 1485. A remarkable fact: each is the author's first book!

The two authors also share another distinction: both were recipients of the FHI's Mellon Faculty Book Manuscript Workshop awards. The program enables Duke faculty authors to convene intensive workshops on their books-in-progress, not only with local colleagues but also external scholars and university press editors. This Fall we expanded the program to include special slots for collaborative, translation, and digital projects. Also new are two annual Book Completion Fellowships, which provide each recipient with a workshop plus teaching release for one semester. As it happens the deadline for 2012-13 fellowships is coming up on November 23 (Wednesday before Thanksgiving): Duke faculty, especially those of you in the Assistant rank, please take note!

Congratulations again to Anna and Phil!