Quick Post: New Videos (1/2)

The semester is once again in full, fast, and furious swing! We're doing our best to keep the website up to speed overall, but adding media links to our past event listings can be a time-consuming process. So here's the first of two quick posts of videos from our recent public programs.

On January 21, Hank Willis Thomas gave a rich, funny, and thought-provoking artist's talk when his show Hope and Question Bridge opened at the FHI's Smith Warehouse home and the John Hope Franklin Center back (it's a multi-site show). Willis is fascinated by the uses of race in contemporary capitalist culture, from the absurd to the ambivalent. The whole talk, which also features art historian Richard Powell as introducer/interviewer/moderator, is available here. In the segment below, Willis discusses an outdoors installation of his work Priceless, which unsettlingly combines a photograph from a family funeral with the grammar of a MasterCard ad, and the bewildered reaction it generated among passers-by:

During his visit, Willis also sat down for an interview for Left of Black, Mark Anthony Neal's successful weekly web series

Hope and Question Bridge are on view at the FHI and Franklin Center through March 4, 2011.