FHI provides a broad array of opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to engage with humanistic ideas and practices. In addition to our core programming (events open to all, speaker visits with special student opportunities) and our Labs and affiliated Centers (all with their own offerings of working groups, fellowships, assistantships, and more), we offer a number of programs specifically designed for students.

On the curricular front, the undergraduate Human Rights Certificate continues to flourish hand in hand with the Duke Human Rights Center @ FHI’s more general programs on racial justice in voting, immigration, and environmental policy. With the support of the University-wide Bass Connections program, FHI is home to the vertically-integrated summer research program Story+, which combines hands-on research with storytelling to create dynamic outcomes for diverse public audiences.

FHI is committed to serving as a site for graduate research and degree completion through Interdisciplinary Working Groups, structures which allow doctoral students to build their own intellectual communities around shared interests. More generally, the FHI strives to be a “home away from (departmental) home” for humanities graduate students: an intellectual hub where they can interact with faculty scholars across the disciplines (Duke and elsewhere, US and international) and develop a broad perspective on what it means to be an intellectual in a time of change.