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CCDGB: Ayasha Guerin, "Shoreline Lessons for Relational Repair"


Ayasha Guerin, UCLA

Please join the Climate Change, Decolonization, and Global Blackness Lab (CCDGB) at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute for our 2023-24 speaker series. CCDGB is part of The Entanglement Project, an FHI initiative focused on the intersections of race, health, and climate. Most talks are hybrid: - In-person registration (w/ COVID safety info): - Zoom registration: Ayasha C. Guerin is an interdisciplinary scholar, artist, and curator of photography, video and performance. She is assistant professor of intersectionality and practice-based research and media making in UCLA's department of World Arts & Cultures/ Dance. Ayasha is the founder of the Liberated Planet Studio, for artists and activists Interested in ecological and movement research at the intersections of social and environmental justice. They are a member of the Berlin-based curatorial research collective "Curating through Conflict with Care." This presentation will bring together research from Dr. Guerin's socio-ecological, curatorial, and artistic practices to share the theoretical interventions they are making around questions of cultural memory, value, the future of environmental change and relational repair. Dr. Guerin will introduce her book project, Making Zone A: Race Nature and Resilience on New York's Most Vulnerable Shores, which studies the colonial foundations of the City's waterfront development from the 17th-19th century and traces how European conquest, African slavery, and racial capitalism have physically altered coastal environments and socio-ecological relations on Lenape homeland. This work treats the New York City flood zone as a historical palimpsest full of vital interspecies relationships with lessons about survival.


Climate, Global, Humanities, Lecture/Talk, Sustainability