Juan Obarrio

Last semester, we started a new initiative at FHI called the Publishing Humanities Initiative.  Sylvia Miller, who has a background in publishing, and who has worked at FHI for some years now, is spearheading this program, which seeks to understand a variety of issues in publishing, such as new... read more »

Ranjana Khanna

Dear Colleagues, This week I have begun my tenure as Director of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, and I want to thank Deborah Jenson for her years of service in this role, and also to express FHI’s commitment to providing an environment for the exchange of ideas in all aspects of the... read more »

Riot Grrls and Maker Culture at Zine Publishing Event

In December 2017, FHI’s new Publishing Humanities Initiative and the Story Lab collaborated on a workshop event focusing on the history and culture of zine-making, “Publishing It Yourself: Pamphlets, Zines, and Riot Grrls.” Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture curator Kelly Wooten... read more »

Two new books by Duke faculty to be released in February 2018 It may sound intimidating to walk into a room where up to fifteen people, among them experts in your field, are waiting to deliver critiques of your book-in-progress, but according to Duke faculty members Kimberly Lamm and James Chappel... read more »

I&E at the FHI: Students as Communications Consultants

Last week we welcomed Dr. Aaron Dinin's I&E class "Building Global Audiences" to the FHI for the students' final project presentations. Through a collaboration forged by Dr. Aaron Dinin and FHI Director Deborah Jenson, the students spent the semester collaborating with FHI's communications... read more »

Award Winning MOOC: Pedro Lasch and Art of the MOOC

Pedro Lasch's ART of the MOOC: Activism and Social Movements online Coursera course has been named one of Artsy's 10 Best Art History Classes Online! Artsy writes the class is "best for" Figuring out how art can change the world. Even the course format itself (MOOC, short for “massive open online... read more »

#Dictionerds: Dr. Joshua D. Sosin and Story+

By Joshua D. Sosin Associate Professor in Classical Studies and History When Story+ first came on the horizon, I asked myself what kind of project would really get students pumped about humanistic investigation. I knew right away: have them read a 1000-year-old Greek dictionary written by a... read more »

Ph.D. candidates Gray Kidd (History) and Stephanie Reist (Romance Studies), participants in the Bass Connections project "The Cost of Opportunity? Higher Education in the Baixada Fluminense" (2017-2018), discuss how the experience helped them with their own research. Bass Connections projects... read more »

On November 2, 2017, FHI Practitioner-in-Residence Catherine Flowers spoke with FHI Digital Humanities Specialist Dr. Amanda Starling Gould's "Designing Nature's Futures" course. Ms. Flowers, a researcher, activist, and storyteller, engaged the class with details and anecdotes from her... read more »

FHI-affiliated Spring 2018 Course List

Check out our list of FHI-affiliated Spring 2018 courses! Environment Dr. Saskia Cornes – “Nature, Culture, and Gender“ GSF 366 Dr. Amanda Starling Gould – “Acting Environmentally: Environmental Art, Action, and Activism” Lit 290/Eng 290/Environ 290/CulAnth 290 Social... read more »