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Picture of the Mare Jonio

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Italian government seized the rescue ship Mare Jonio after it came to the aid of a boat in distress off the coast of Libya and delivered its passengers, 49 migrants from east Africa, to the nearest safe port in Lampedusa. Social Movements Lab co-directors... read more »

Mare Jonio

This article was originally published on Duke Today. Frustrated by rising anti-immigrant sentiment in the US, Europe and elsewhere, Duke professor Michael Hardt and a group of friends wanted to do more than just express their outrage. So they bought a boat. They pooled their money,... read more »

Fists raised

“There’s a standard misconception that activists only act, and scholars only think,” says Social Movements Lab co-director Michael Hardt, who teaches political theory as a professor in the Program in Literature at Duke University. “The Social Movements Lab is oriented towards activist-scholars who... read more »