Humanities Futures (2014-18) Highlights

Katherine Berko

Though it is a truism that no two minds think alike, not all differences are treated equally.  This discrepancy is what has led austists and other activists over the past several decades to coin the term “neurodiversity,” which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “the range of differences in... read more »

NCCU Campus Photo

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, the Franklin Humanities Institute – North Carolina Central Digital Humanities Initiative held its second annual symposium. Piloted over the 2016-2017 academic year, this Mellon Foundation-funded fellowship program, part of the multi-year grant Humanities Futures, provides... read more »

I&E at the FHI: Students as Communications Consultants

Last week we welcomed Dr. Aaron Dinin's I&E class "Building Global Audiences" to the FHI for the students' final project presentations. Through a collaboration forged by Dr. Aaron Dinin and FHI Director Deborah Jenson, the students spent the semester collaborating with FHI's communications... read more »

Bruno Latour was recently interviewed in Science about science studies and "science wars" in the present moment of climate crisis. At the end of the interview, he spoke of his current research on "critical zones," or "the study of Earth's outer skin." One of the geoscientists he has worked with... read more »

Co-founder of the Franklin Humanities Institute, former Duke vice provost for interdisciplinary studies, and former Duke English professor, Cathy N. Davidson now leads the Futures Institute at the City University of New York and is author of “The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University... read more »

Instructor Guest Post: Building Global Audiences for the Franklin Humanities Institute

Guest Post from Dr. Aaron Dinin. Three years ago, I began teaching a class for Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program called “Building Global Audiences.” In the half-dozen semesters since then, I’ve revamped the class twice, but its core thesis has remained the same. “Your product doesn’... read more »

Drawing of German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, by Leandro Gonzalez de Leon

The 6th annual meeting of the Association for Adorno Studies was held at Duke University on March 24-25, 2017. Among the opening speakers were Henry Pickford and Joseph Winters, co-conveners of the PAL-FHI Concepts, Figures, Art Forms Seminar on Adorno. The meeting was attended by speakers and... read more »

Photo of transgender pedagogy panel speakers Galarte and Beauchamp

As part of the FHI's Humanities Futures initiative, Duke departments in the humanities, arts, and interpretive social sciences are invited to explore conceptual and practical questions moving their fields in new directions. The Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (GSF) has taken up... read more »