FHI-affiliated Spring 2018 Course List

Check out our list of FHI-affiliated Spring 2018 courses!


Dr. Saskia Cornes – “Nature, Culture, and Gender“ GSF 366

Dr. Amanda Starling Gould – “Acting Environmentally: Environmental Art, Action, and Activism” Lit 290/Eng 290/Environ 290/CulAnth 290

Social Movements Lab

Dr. Michael Hardt – “Marxism and Society“ Arts&Sci 380/CulAnth 203/Educ 239/Lit 380/PolSci 371/Sociol 339

Dr. Eli Meyerhoff – “Global Protest: Social Movements in the Age of Globalization"

Duke Human Rights Center at FHI

Human Rights Certificate Courses: https://humanrights.fhi.duke.edu/global-and-regional-courses/

Robin Kirk – “Introduction to Human Rights: Gateway for the Human Rights Certificate” CulAnth 104/ICS 113/PubPol 162

Story Lab 

Dr. Eileen Chow – “Graphic Asia: Visual Storytelling and Global Asian/American Networks” AMES 436/AMI 236/ICS 264

Dr. Eileen Chow – “Aspects of Chinese Culture and Society” Chinese 456

Dr. Carlos Rojas – “The China Dream” AMES 183 

Dr. Carlos Rojas – “CAH Proseminar: Topics in Central Asian Studies” AMES 750

Social Practice Lab

Pedro Lasch – “Create, Innovate, Act: Creativity, Innovation, and Social Action” ArtsVis 140/I&E 140/VMS 140 

Pedro Lasch – “Drawing” ArtVIs 199

Digital Humanities Initiative

Dr. Victoria Szabo – “Media, Arts & Cultures Research Practicum” CMAC 756/HCVIS 756/ISS 756/VMS 756

Dr. Victoria Szabo – “Bass Connections: Digital Durham” CMAC 758/EDUC 356/EDUC 758/History 382/History 758/ISS 356/VMS 358

Health Humanities Lab

Dr. Deborah Jenson – “Flaubert's Brain: Neurohumanities“ French 481/Lit 246/NeuroSci 241

Dr. Kearsley Stewart – “Ethics for Global Health Research“ GLHLTH 740

Dr. Kearsley Stewart – “Global Health Research: Qualitiative Field Methods” GLHLTH 772

Dr. Ranjana Khanna – “Death Drives” CulAnth 890/GSF 960

Other/Mellon Grant Related

Dr. Phil Stern – “The Corporation and International Law: Past, Present and Future” History 590/Law 566