FHI-Affiliated Spring 2019 Course List

Check out our list of FHI-affiliated Spring 2019 courses!

Social Movements Lab

Dr. Michael Hardt – Marxism and Society, CulAnth 203/Educ 239/Lit 380/PolSci 371/Sociol 339

Duke Human Rights Center at FHI

Human Rights Certificate Courses: https://humanrights.fhi.duke.edu/global-and-regional-courses/

Robin Kirk – Introduction to Human Rights: Gateway for the Human Rights Certificate, CulAnth 104D

Robin Kirk - Rights and the Environment, CulAnth 290/Hist 390/DocSt 290/PubPol 290

From Slavery to Freedom Lab 

Dr. Lamonte Aidoo – Brazil, Race, Sex, The Body AAAS 89/Portugue 89/ Lit 89

Dr. Lamonte Aidoo – Brazil and Lusophone Africa, AAAS 390/ LatAmer 390/RomSt 390

Dr. Jasmine Cobb – Women and Visual Media Studies, AAAS 386/GSF 338/VMS 389

Dr. Jasmine Cobb – Black Camera: Still and Moving Images, AAAS 539/AMI 538/ArtHist 539/VMS 545

Health Humanities Lab

Dr. Marion Quirici, Literature and Medicine, Writing 101

Dr. Kearsley Stewart, Ethics for Global Health Research, GlHlth 740

Dr. Kearsley Stewart, Global Health Research: Qualitative Field Methods, GlHlth 772

Dr. Jules Odendahl-James, Medical Stories on Stage: Adapt. Resist. Persist, TheatrSt 390S/Lit 290S/Eng 290S/VMS 290S


Dr. Ranji Khanna, Shape of Water: Form/lessness, Eng 490/Lit 390

Dr. Ranji Khanna, Aquatic Aesthetics, Eng 890/Lit 890

Dr. Amanda Starling Gould, with Dr. Aaron Dinin, Learning to Fail I&E 252