LARB Interviews Duke Story Lab's Eileen Chow

Dr. Eileen Chow, co-director of our FHI Story Lab, was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) about her new role as an academic editor for the LARB's soon-to-launch LARB China Channel. Dr. Chow talks about how writing and translation are "through-lines in a diasporic life":

"Writing and translating have not seemed so much like separate spheres of work as through-lines in a diasporic life. Growing up in Taipei, in a family assembled there from various parts of China, everyday life consisted of a mash of dialects and half-understood colonial languages —not only the Taiwanese and Japanese spoken around me by neighbors, but also happenstances such as having a grandmother who always imagined herself speaking in Mandarin to me, while she really chattered on in Shanghainese. That, plus learning English for school at a fairly young age, meant that translating was simply about navigating the world around me, and reading and writing (especially classical Chinese), ways out of verbal cacophony."

She also mentions her work in the Story Lab:

"All my research and teaching interests hew towards story and narrative, broadly defined: literature and film and animation/anime and visual narratives, but also non-fictional forms of storytelling such as journalism, public engagement, and oral history. At Duke I teach in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and co-direct Story Lab, an experimental Humanities Lab exploring all things storytelling: our motto is “no story is told alone” — so as you might imagine, we are very interested in how communities coalesce around texts, including in fandoms and social movements, as well as how they migrate through genres and media and languages and time and space."

Visit the LARB's "Meet the LARB China Channel Team, Part 5 — A Q&A with Academic Editor Eileen Cheng-yin Chow" to read the full interview and learn more about her new role with the LARB China Channel.

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