Polit(t)ico: Interventions for Bologna, Summer 2017

In summer 2017, the Social Practice Lab traveled to the Summer School of Global Studies and Critical Theory at the University of Bologna. The Bologna Social Practice Lab, coordinated by Pedro Lasch in collaboration with Rossella Mazzaglia, offered participating students the opportunity to conduct scholarly research and immediately direct it towards socially engaged productions that go beyond conventional academic formats.

Taking its Italian name from Giotto’s famous painting in Bologna, Polit(t)icoInterventions for Bologna (2017-2018) conflates notions of politics with the historical art form of the polyptych. Distinct topics and approaches for each intervention will be developed within specific communities and social contexts over two years, with the GSCT Summer School weeks as the densest and most important periods. Seen together as a polittico (polyptych), the works paint a slowly emerging picture of social and aesthetic engagement with Bologna as a site of political resistance, and social movements worldwide. They also add complexity to the rich discursive context of the oldest university in Europe, highlighting within it the creative processes of acting, making, and doing.

To see more images from Polit(t)ico (with and without the eminent Marxist geographer David Harvey), please visit the SPL Facebook Page.