Instructor Guest Post: Building Global Audiences for the Franklin Humanities Institute

Guest Post from Dr. Aaron Dinin. Three years ago, I began teaching a class for Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program called “Building Global Audiences.” In the half-dozen semesters since then, I’ve revamped the class twice, but its core thesis has remained the same. “Your product doesn’... read more »

LARB Interviews Duke Story Lab's Eileen Chow

Dr. Eileen Chow, co-director of our FHI Story Lab, was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) about her new role as an academic editor for the LARB's soon-to-launch LARB China Channel. Dr. Chow talks about how writing and translation are "through-lines in a... read more »

How do you write a meaningful study of 500 archival images? In this video, Kathryn Desplanque, recent Duke PhD graduate in art history and alum of FHI's PhD Lab, explains how she used NVivo to curate and annotate a corpus of 489 satirical images from 1750-1850 Paris. Her digital humanities work not... read more »

Duke Magazine: A deep dive into North Carolina's musical history

The Summer 2017 issue of Duke Magazine has a wonderful story about NC Jukebox, an FHI-supported Bass Connections project, that traces the genesis, discovery, and rediscovery of a remarkable folk music collection through three generations of Duke researchers. Thanks to the... read more »

Drawing of German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, by Leandro Gonzalez de Leon

The 6th annual meeting of the Association for Adorno Studies was held at Duke University on March 24-25, 2017. Among the opening speakers were Henry Pickford and Joseph Winters, co-conveners of the PAL-FHI Concepts, Figures, Art Forms Seminar on Adorno. The meeting was attended by speakers and... read more »

The first edition of Story+ ended in great fanfare on June 28 with a well-attended public event, featuring final presentations from the program's five inaugural project teams. Duke Today was on the scene: Story+ kicked off in May when five teams of undergraduate student researchers set out... read more »

International Women's Year: Interviews with Jocelyn Olcott on her new book

Book news! Via the History Department: Prof. Jocelyn Olcott discussed her new book, International Women's Year: The Greatest Consciousness-Raising Event in History with Scott Kent Jones on "Give & Take". On June 19, 2017 she was on the WGTD Morning Show with Greg Berg and the Frankie... read more »

Photo of transgender pedagogy panel speakers Galarte and Beauchamp

As part of the FHI's Humanities Futures initiative, Duke departments in the humanities, arts, and interpretive social sciences are invited to explore conceptual and practical questions moving their fields in new directions. The Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (GSF) has taken up... read more »

'Speaking of Duke': New Brodhead book reflects on the university & higher education

Former Duke President Richard Brodhead gave the speeches compiled in a new book, but, he says, “they are not about me.” The main character is, rather, Duke University. In “Speaking of Duke: Leading the 21st Century University,” published this month by Duke University Press, Brodhead compiled more... read more »

Polit(t)ico: Interventions for Bologna, Summer 2017

In summer 2017, the Social Practice Lab traveled to the Summer School of Global Studies and Critical Theory at the University of Bologna. The Bologna Social Practice Lab, coordinated by Pedro Lasch in collaboration with Rossella Mazzaglia, offered participating students the opportunity to conduct... read more »