Fall 2019 FHI-Affiliated Courses

Monday, July 8, 2019
Lamonte Aidoo teaching in the From Slavery to Freedom Lab. Photo by Jennifer R. Zhou.
Lamonte Aidoo teaching in the From Slavery to Freedom Lab. Photo by Jennifer R. Zhou.

Check out our list of FHI-affiliated courses for the Fall 2019 semester!

When available, links lead to course descriptions.

Duke Human Rights Center at FHI

Human Rights Certificate Courses

Robin Kirk – Human Rights in the Americas CULANTH 245/HIST 242/LATAMER 246/RIGHTS 245

From Slavery to Freedom Lab 

Dr. Lamonte Aidoo – Brazil, Race, Sex, The Body AAAS 89/PORTUGUE 89/ LIT 89

Dr. Lamonte Aidoo – Black Brazil: Race/Nation/Culture AAAS 490/LATAMER 490/PORTUGUE 490

Dr. Lamonte Aidoo and Dr. Jasmine Cobb – Slavery and Freedom AAAS 390/ROMST 390/VMS 390

Dr. Jasmine Cobb – Representing Slavery AAAS 314/VMS 254

Dr. Richard Powell – African American Art AAAS 227/ARTHIST 283

Dr. Richard Powell – The Black Atlantic AAAS 329/ARTHIST 383/ICS 226

Health Humanities Lab

Dr. Deborah Jenson – Global Humanities in French FRENCH 316

Dr. Deborah Jenson – Connections in Global Health: Tech, Story, and Art in Women’s Health GLHLTH 395

Dr. Deborah Jenson – Methods and Theories of Romance Studies LIT 540/ROMST 501

Dr. Marion Quirici – Writing 101: Disability and Representation WRITING 101

Dr. Kearsley Stewart – Global Narratives of Living with HIV/AIDS GLHLTH 302/ICS 295/RIGHTS 302

Dr. Kearsley Stewart – Ethics of Global Infections Disease Control GLHLTH 341/ICS 299/RIGHTS 341/SCISOC 341

Dr. Neil Prose – A Global Perspective on Provider-Patient Communication GLHLTH 188FS

Social Movements Lab

Dr. Michael Hardt – Global Protest LIT 332S/POLSCI 313/SOCIOL 323/RIGHTS 313

Dr. Michael Hardt – Special Topics in Literature: Paradigms of Modern Thought LIT 690

Other FHI-Affiliated Courses

Dr. Ranjana Khanna – Planetarities: World Arts ENGLISH 890

Dr. Amanda Starling Gould and Dr. Aaron Dinin – Learning to Fail IE 252