Global Collaboration Seed Grant Awards, 2019-20

Friday, April 26, 2019
globe on gyre, mirror image with Africa on left, South Africa on right

The Franklin Humanities Institute is pleased to announce the recipients for the 2019-20 Global Collaboration Seed Grants. We have been fortunate to receive generous matching support from the Office of Global Affairs' Andrew W. Mellon Endowment for Global Studies for this program. These grants are designed to support inquiry into research areas that cannot be adequately addressed without cross-national or cross-regional scholarly dialogue, or without exchanges across languages and philosophical/methodological traditions. The 13 funded projects include several artistic collaborations along with works in international scholarly research. We hope to have more details to share as the projects develop!

Department abbreviations:
AAAS = African & African American Studies
AAHVS = Art, Art History & Visual Studies
GSF = Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Black Mountain (image-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative performance project)
Duke Faculty: Torry Bend (Theater Studies)
International Collaborator(s): Riverbed Theater Company, Taiwan: Criag Quintero (Artistic Director; Grinnell College; Humanities Unbounded Visiting Faculty Fellow), CHUNG Li-Mei, SU Hui-yu, WANG Tzu-ting, and CHIANG Ji-Yang  

Worlding Future Arts: Dance and Black Arts Movements
Duke Faculty: Thomas F. DeFrantz (AAAS; Dance; GSF)
International Collaborator(s): Luciane Ramos Silva, Independent Researcher and Artist

Rethinking Secularism and Modernity: International Network for Interreligious Dialogue and Education
Duke Faculty: Malachi Hacohen (History)
International Collaborator(s): Hilda Nissimi (Bar-Ilan university, Israel), Todd H. Weir (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

The China Question of Cultural and Media Studies
Duke Faculty: Kang Liu (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies), John Aldrich (Political Science)
International Collaborator(s): WANG Nin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), ZENG Jun (Shanghai University), SHAN Bo (Wuhan University), LI Song (Wuhan University)

#FMF | #BLM: Race Precarity and the Transgenerational Costs of Racism
Duke Faculty: Anne-Maria Makhulu (Cultural Anthropology; AAAS)
International Collaborator(s): Hylton White (University of Witswatersrand, South Africa)

People of the City: New Directions in Migration and African Urbanism
Duke Faculty: Catherine (Kathryn) Mathers (International Comparative Studies; Cultural Anthropology), Samuel Fury Childs Daly (AAAS; ICS)
International Collaborator(s): Loren Landau (University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa), Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (University of Johannesburg, South Africa), Jimoh Oluwasegun (Federal University, Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria)

Global Engagements: Asian, African American, and Asian American Internationalisms and Solidarities, 1918-2018: Exhibit and Research Workshops for Pedagogical Initiatives in Global Humanities
Duke Faculty:
Sucheta Mazumdar (History)
International Collaborator(s): Selina Lai-Henderson (Duke Kunshan University)

Collaboration between Painter Beverly McIver and Dancer Eiko Otake – Part of Eiko’s The Duet Project: Distance is Malleable
Duke Faculty: Beverly McIver (AAHVS)
International Collaborator(s): Eiko Otake (Dancer / Interdisciplinary Artist)

The Making of Modern Cairo: Urban Topography and Digital Humanities in the Middle East
Duke Faculty:
Adam Mestyan (History), Sarah Galletti (AAHVS)
International Collaborator(s): Mercedes Volait (CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique, INHA – Institut national d’histoire de l’art, France)

The Value of Love: Global Perspectives on the Economy of Care
Duke Faculty: Jocelyn Olcott (History, GSF)
International Collaborator(s): Marija Barti (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Documentary Interpretations of Transnational Contact Zones in Bavaria, Germany
Duke Faculty: Christopher Sims (Center for Documentary Studies)
International Collaborator(s): Birgit Bauridl (University of Regensburg, Germany), Max Ernst Stockburger (Documentary Photographer; University for Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany)

War and Memory in Peru
Duke Faculty: Orin Starn (Cultural Anthropology), Holly Ackerman (Duke Libraries)
International Collaborator(s): Olinda Quispe Chávez (San Cristóbal University, Ayacucho, Peru), Ponciano Del Pinto (Catholic University, Lima, Peru)

Perpetrator Studies Working Group
Duke Faculty: Rebecca Stein (Cultural Anthropology)
International Collaborator(s): Hilla Dayan, Noa Roei, Erella Grassiani (University of Amsterdam)