PAID Summer Interdisciplinary 2022 Research Opportunity for Undergrads and Grads!

Image: Students! Looking for a PAID humanities research opportunity this summer? Apply to Story+. Priority Deadline February 20.

Deadline: February 20, 2022

PAID Summer Interdisciplinary 2022 Research Opportunity for Undergrads and Grads! 

Story+ Student Application Portal NOW OPEN! 

Priority Deadline for all students is February 20, 2022.

Story+ is a 6-week paid summer research experience for enrolled Duke University students – undergraduate and graduate – interested in bringing interdisciplinary humanities research to life through dynamic storytelling. Story+ 2022 will for the first time be a completely hybrid program with nine teams slated as fully in-person and two as fully remote. Story+ 2022 is currently scheduled to run on a full-time schedule from Wednesday, May 11, 2022 until Friday, June 24, 2022 with the expectation that students will not take conflicting classes or work arrangements. We are increasing our stipends this year to reflect the anticipation that this will be your only engagement for the six weeks of the program, and to help cover the rising costs of living and researching in Durham. The priority deadline is February 20. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter until all teams are full.

Summer 2022 Projects:

Art as Relation and Repair across Disabled Ecologies and Histories Map forest stories thinking expansively about ecology, disability, and art. Topics: Disability Studies, Socially Engaged Art, Forest, Activism, Cartography, Environmental History.

Biocultural Sustainability in Madagascar Collaborate with a remote team in Madagascar to tackle diverse issues related to biodiversity conservation, humanitarian development, climate change, and international policy. Topics: Biodiversity Conservation, Humanitarian Development, Climate Change, and International Policy.

Collecting Oral Histories of Environmental Racism and Injustice in the American South Build methodological frameworks for culturally inclusive, non-extractive research practice for environmental justice work. Topics: Environmental Justice, Research Methodology, Environmental Racism, American South, Climate Change, Journalism.

Curating and Integrating New Visual and Sonic Experiences Bring voice to the instruments in the Duke University Musical Instruments Collections using multi-media platforms. Topics: Musical Instruments, Museum & Library Studies, Musicology, History, Digitizing Physical Materials.

From Stephen to C.B.: Tobacco, Race & Duke Men's Basketball Research and re-narrate the historical relationship of tobacco, race, and the Duke University Men’s Basketball program. Topics: Civil Rights, Sports, History, Slavery, Black Studies, Durham.

Nuestra Historia, Nuestra Voz: Latinx at Duke Create an interactive digital exhibit in conjunction with the student-curated Nuestra historia, nuestra voz: Latinas/os/es/x en Duke installation at Duke Libraries which documents the long history of Latinx students at Duke University. Topics: Digitizing Physical Exhibits, Duke History, Latinx Studies, Latinas/os/es/x en Duke.

Our Day Out: A Story of Queer Resistance and Leadership in Durham Use multi-media narrative to tell hi/stories about the Our Day Out protest and subsequent LGBTQAI+ activism in Durham. Topics: LGBTQAI+ Rights, Duke History, Durham History, Queer Activism, Policing, Restorative Justice.

Race, Racism, and the History of Duke Sports Contribute research to a Duke Centennial project on race, racism, law, and sports at Duke. *Remote Project* Topics: Duke Racial History, Sports, Duke Centennial, Law.

The Sound of Monuments and Protest Invoke audio, visual, and textual archival material to tell the stories about monuments and memorialization. *Remote Project* Topics: Sound, Memorial, Monument, Commemoration, Digital Art, Installation.

Unearthing Duke Forest Explore the intertwined histories of people, of land, and of scientific inquiry in Duke Forest. Topics: Forest, Ecological History, Plantation, Farming, Mapping.

Visualizing Philosophers' Networks with Project Vox Unpack the politics and practice of visualizing philosophers' networks. Topics: Philosophy, Gender Studies, Digital Humanities, Network Theory, Data Visualization.

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Story+ is funded by Together Duke and administered by the Franklin Humanities Institute in conjunction with Bass Connections, with support from Duke University Libraries and, in 2022 for special Arts projects, The Duke Endowment and Humanities Unbounded.

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