Bass Connections (FHI-affiliated)

Bass Connections is a university-wide initiative that brings together faculty and students to explore real-world issues in interdisciplinary research teams. The Franklin Humanities Institute plays a special role in informing humanities faculty about opportunities through Bass Connections; cultivating humanities-based research projects connected to Humanities Laboratories or FHI centers such as the Duke Human Rights Center @ FHI; and selecting which projects should receive funding through the Schiff Bass Connections Humanities Fund, a special fund established by Elizabeth T’81, L’85 and James T’81 Schiff to support Bass Connections projects that connect broadly to the humanities.

The list below highlights Bass Connections projects supported by the Schiff fund along with those connected to FHI Labs and Affiliated Centers (follow links for more information about individual projects). Additional humanities-linked projects can be found on the Bass Connections website.






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