Concepts, Figures, Art Forms Seminars

Jointly supported by the Center for Philosophy, Art, and Literature (PAL) and the FHI, the Concepts, Figures, and Art Forms seminars are a critical component of the Mellon Humanities Futures initiative. The PAL-FHI Seminars offer spaces for scholars from different disciplines to convene around topics with a strong historical dimension. Seminar topics and conveners have included:


  • The Other
    Toril Moi, Literature, Romance Studies, English, Philosophy, & Theater Studies; Corina Stan, English
  • Adorno
    Henry Pickford, Germanic Languages and Literature; Joseph Winters, Religious Studies


  • Melodrama
    Jacqueline Waeber, Music; Michael Moses, English; Anne-Gaëlle Saliot, Romance Studies
  • Cooperation
    Jakob Norberg, Germanic Languages and Literature; James Ong, Philosophy


  • The Contemporary Novel
    Nancy Armstrong, English; Erdag Goknar, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
  • Whose Kafka? Multiplicity, Reception, and Interpretation
    Kata Gellen, Germanic Languages and Literature; Saskia Ziolkowski, Romance Studies


Concepts, Figures, Art Forms Seminars