Practitioner in Residence

The DHRC at FHI is excited to announce that this partnership is continuing with the return of Catherine Flowers to Duke as a Practitioner in Residence throughout 2017.  Ms. Flowers’ residency at FHI is inspired by the legacy of Dr. John Hope Franklin, who bridged the divide between academia and activism, and whose life is an example of how the humanities impact the world, and how the world can impact the humanities. With this in mind, students, staff, and faculty at Duke are invited to collaborate on projects with Ms. Flowers that advance ACRE’s goals, humanities research, and activism. Ms. Flowers will be visiting Duke’s campus on:

Duke students interested in getting involved with ACRE and learning about opportunities to conduct research are highly encouraged to meet with Ms. Flowers when she is on campus.

In addition, students pursuing the Human Rights Certificate can incorporate research in collaboration with ACRE towards the final research component of the capstone. 

Ms. Flowers will have regular office hours. To schedule a meeting, please contact 

Learn more about the history of the DHRC@FHI and ACRE partnership.

Catherine Flowers