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    Our Call for Projects for 2022 is now Live!

    Story+ is a 6-week paid summer research experience for Duke students—undergraduates and graduates—interested in exploring interdisciplinary arts and humanities research topics and methodologies. The program combines hands-on research with storytelling to create dynamic outcomes for diverse public audiences. In Story+, students are organized into small project teams and have the opportunity to participate in a flexible mini “curriculum” on research methods and storytelling strategies. Team projects may be led by Duke faculty, Duke librarians, or non-profit organizations, and will be supervised on a day-to-day basis by graduate student mentors.

    Story+ takes place during Summer Session 1 (May 11 to June 24, 2022) and may this year again have a modified schedule. Story+ recognizes the multiple strains brought on us by the pandemic, remote learning, and systemic global uncertainties, and in response opted in 2020 and 2021 year to move from a full-time in-person program to a modified partially-full remote program. Our goal is to maintain the rigor and dedication required for hands-on interdisciplinary arts and humanities research while also giving us a necessary flexibility that recognizes the profundity of our present. Story+ learning opportunities and research training will occupy roughly 25-40 hours per week for six-weeks. All undergraduate student researchers and graduate student project managers receive a competitive award stipend for participation. All students receive half of their stipend the last week of May and the other half at the end of June. For participating students receiving need-based financial aid, and any one concerned about how your funding will work for this program or other summer opportunities, please contact your financial aid counselor for further information and personalized advice.

    Code of Conduct Statement: Together we’ll aim to create a research environment that respects all cultures, backgrounds, identities, and views and a research community where belonging, respect, and reciprocity are at the heart of our communication and practice. Together we’ll honor our collaborators’ perspectives, identities, and diverse ways of thinking and we’ll hold each other accountable for doing so. Story+ is an inclusive space where all students have an equal right to research, learn, and express themselves. We will not tolerate harassment or harms of any form.

    Please browse below to explore our 2021 offerings and to learn more about Story+ projects from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Story+ is funded by Together Duke and administered by the Franklin Humanities Institute in conjunction with Bass Connections, with support from Duke University Libraries.

    The Story+ application portal for Story+ Summer 2021 is now closed. We received a record-breaking 155 student applications! Story+ 2022 projects will be announced late December and student applications will open in January.

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    Statement on Diversity & Inclusion


    Summer 2021 Projects

    The Just and Equal Durham Project (JED) at the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice (PMC) is about history, accountability, and activism motivated by an evolving vision for our home community of Durham. Ten years ago, fifteen Durham... read more »


    Women, Oral History, Documentary, Civil Rights, History, African American Studies

    This is a project of inclusion, representation, and empowerment. Camera Digita: Portraits of AI’s Role in the Futures of All will address the core issue of how digital technologies—especially... read more »


    Art, Computation, Visual Media, Oral History, Documentary, Civil Rights

    Duke Magazine has been around in several iterations since 1917 and has sought to engage alumni in the life of the university through storytelling. President Price’s recent goal of Duke becoming an anti-racist university raises new (and yet perhaps,... read more »


    Visual Media, Oral History, Civil Rights, Archives, History

    Durham’s Geer Cemetery, just two miles from Duke’s East Campus, was founded in 1877 by African Americans who were born enslaved. In active use for over 60 years, it became the burial place of Black people who built this city and many of its most... read more »


    Oral History, Civil Rights, History, African American Studies

    In light of anti-immigrant and “America First” policies, the last four years have been incredibly difficult for international students.  The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed the racial and socio-economic inequality on our campuses.  While the... read more »


    Medicine, Oral History, Documentary, Education, Global Health

    Migrant Roots Media (MRM) is a digital platform which amplifies the voices of migrants, children of migrants, and those struggling to thrive in their homelands to unearth the root causes of global migration. We strategically position intersectional... read more »


    Migration, Documentary, Digital Storytelling, Mapping, Human Rights

    Physical distancing regulations linked to the COVID-10 pandemic have produced social isolation on a truly global scale. For persons living with Dementia and cognitive health disorders in Durham, the need to combat social isolation and restore human... read more »


    Art, Dance, Music

    In the 1970s, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR) selected North Carolina to be the focus of its inaugural campaign. On July 4, 1974, an estimated 10,000 people from over twenty-five states traveled to Raleigh to... read more »


    Civil Rights, Archives, Human Rights, History

    More than ten years ago, Duke undergraduate students founded the Duke Campus Farm (DCF) in a rural area seven miles from main campus, in the Duke Forest. Their primary aim was to provide themselves and others with direct experience of the joys and... read more »


    Environment, Documentary, Digital Storytelling, Civil Rights, Mapping, History

    In this Story+ project, we will explore the intersection of health, disability and race on social justice and the expression of human rights among North Carolinians.  Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) celebrated its 30th year of... read more »


    Medicine, Public Policy, Oral History, Documentary, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Global Health

    Completed Projects

    This team will be diving into the Blunt Family Papers, three... read more »

    The Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library currently holds... read more »

      Ordination of women continues to remain a controversial issue... read more »

    23 and We is a 6-week research project that trains... read more »

    Our story starts a millennium ago, in the ninth century. A... read more »

    For the Story+ summer 2018 project, An Illustrated Memoir of... read more »

    This Story+ project focused on empowering girls in Appalachia... read more »

    As part of its larger public engagement initiative, the National... read more »

    During this collision of artistic and academic energies,... read more »

    From 1917 to 1926, the attending physician of a state-run... read more »

    This Story+ team collected oral histories about the last half-... read more »

    This project seeks to document the turbulent relationship... read more »