Story+ 2017 Projects: Participants + Accomplishments



In its pilot run in Summer 2017, Story+ supported 5 teams working on a diverse slate of projects in the humanities, qualitatitve social sciences, and applied research. Below are mini-profiles of the five project teams, with participant lists (sponsors, graduate mentors, undergraduates) and capsule descriptions of the work they accomplished in the program's 6-week run. For more detailed project descriptions, prepared as part of the graduate and undergraduate calls for applications, please see PDF here. See the video above for final presentations from Story+ 2017.

A Pope Wrote a Dictionary: You Figure Out How
  • Sponsor: Joshua Sosin, Associate Professor of Classical Studies, Duke University
  • Graduate mentors: Alexander Fowler, Clinton Kinkade, Tori Lee, Classical Studies
  • Undergraduates: Inessa Chandra + Lucian Lee + Hunter McGhee
  • What did they do? Short analyses of Photios I of Constantinople’s lexicographical method based on careful textual comparisons of his 9th century Greek dictionary with previous and subsequent lexica.
Race and Ethnicity in Advertising
  • Sponsors: Jacqueline Reid Wachholz, Director + Joshua Larkin Rowley, Reference Archivist, John W. Hartman Center for Marketing, Sales, and Advertising History, Rubenstein Library, Duke University
  • Graduate mentor: Meghan O’Neil, English
  • Undergraduates: Elizabeth Butcher + Jessican Chen + Cyan DeVeaux
  • What did they do? Digital exhibits highlighting materials from the Hartman Center on representations of African Americans in advertising, marketing research on communities of color, and professionals of color in advertising.
RTI International 60th Anniversary Commemoration
  • Sponsor: Jacqueline Olich, Director of University Collaborations, RTI International
  • Graduate mentor: Adela Deanova, Philosophy
  • Undergraduates: Isamary (Lola) Telo + Claire Xiao
  • What did they do? Interactive, social media-friendly timelines, staff profiles, audio interviews, and other materials illustrating the history of RTI International, created for the organization’s 60th anniversary celebration.
Suckers and Swindlers in American History
  • Sponsor: Edward Balleisen, Professor of History / Vice Provost for Interdiscipinary Studies, Duke University
  • Graduate Mentor: Ashton Merck, History
  • Undergraduates: Avery Boltwood + Claire Chen + Elizabeth (Elle) Eshleman
  • What did they do? Biographical profiles and other accounts of “suckers and swindlers,” written for the forthcoming supplemental website for Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff
Talking Wages: The impact of Fight for 15 on the Political Discourse of Minimum Wage
  • Sponsor: Allan Freyer, Worker's Rights Project, NC Justice Center
  • Graduate Mentor: Felicia Arriaga, Sociology
  • Undergraduates: Helen (Annie) Lo + Mitchell Ochse + David Pfeiffer
  • What did they do? A policy memo on minimum wage legislative strategy for the NC Justice Center, based on newspaper research on the Fight for 15 movement and minimum wage laws in four states.