Story+ | Summer 2019 Full Presentations

The Story+ Call for Project Proposals for Summer 2021 is now open!

Story+ is a 6-week paid summer research experience for Duke students—undergraduates and graduates—interested in exploring interdisciplinary humanities research topics and methodologies. The program combines hands-on research with storytelling to create dynamic outcomes for diverse public audiences. In Story+, students are organized into small project teams and have the opportunity to participate in a flexible mini “curriculum” on research methods and storytelling strategies. Team projects may be led by Duke faculty, Duke librarians, or non-profit organizations, and will be supervised on a day-to-day basis by graduate student mentors.

Story+ takes place during Summer Session 1. Undergraduate students will receive up to $3,000 to defray housing and living expenses. Please note that amounts may be lower for projects with off-campus components, as special arrangements for housing, meals, etc. will be made for students at the field sites. For participating students receiving need-based financial aid, Duke will assume responsibility for half of the "summer earnings" requirement. Graduate students can receive stipend or travel support up to $2,500. If you are concerned about how your funding will work for this program or other summer opportunities, contact your financial aid counselor for further information or advice.

Please browse below to explore our 2020 offerings and to learn more about Story+ projects from 2017, 2018, and 2019. Story+ is funded by Together Duke and administered by the Franklin Humanities Institute in conjunction with Bass Connections, with support from Duke University Libraries.


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Summer 2020 Projects

During this collision of artistic and academic energies, students will examine U.S. policy responses to significant coal mining disasters during the 20th Century and experiment with methods of processing their research through dance. Drawing on... read more »


Art, Dance, Environment, Public Policy, Labor History, Oral History, Global Health

From 1917 to 1926, the attending physician of a state-run hospital for black North Carolinians in the segregated south photographed asylum life, keeping handwritten notebooks describing each image. These powerful portraits present a rare opportunity... read more »


Art, Documentary, Archives, History, African American Studies

Navigating the output of algorithms, and the contradictions they create, is an essential skill across a wide array of industries. In the healthcare industry, care managers are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence to determine patient... read more »


Medicine, Digital Storytelling, Global Health

As we enter into the long night of the coronavirus pandemic, many are “bracing-in” and struggling to see the dawn. The entertainment and service industries have been particularly hard hit as musicians, technicians, service staff, and venues struggle... read more »


Art, Dance, Ethnography, Music, Global Health

Click image to view the team's final presentation WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES 100 YEARS MAKE? Working with Duke’s Story+ program, this project will engage students in learning about pandemics and different approaches to studying them, the history of Duke... read more »


Medicine, Archives, History, Global Health

The need for compelling, innovative ways to experience archival content is a pressing one—how can we activate data, give it a new life and a new audience? Experiential Archive will facilitate a deep dive in designing meaningful, interactive... read more »


Art, Computation, Digital Storytelling, Archives

HBCU Counterstories is a multiyear collaborative project documenting the lived experiences of North Carolina Central University’s adult nontraditional students. Over 200 students have participated so far in focus groups, surveys,... read more »



Between 1939 and 1941, representatives from the Rural Electrification Agency organized a carnivalesque roadshow designed to encourage families to purchase and use electrical appliances and other equipment in their homes and on their farms. A key... read more »


Environment, Women, Archives, Energy

The Story+ team for Manipulated Materials will be curating and preparing the fall 2020 exhibition at the Power Plant Gallery which will focus on documentary sculpture. The exhibition artists will be pre-selected, but team members will be... read more »


Art, Visual Media, Documentary

Migrant Roots Media (MRM) is a digital platform which amplifies the voices of migrants, children of migrants, and those struggling to thrive in their homelands to unearth the root causes of global migration. We strategically position intersectional... read more »


Oral History, Migration, Documentary, Human Rights

Completed Projects

Over 300 years ago, Daniel Defoe immortalized the survival story... read more »

Duke University Musical Instrument Collections (DUMIC) is home... read more »

Story+ Preaching and Protest investigated the... read more »

Advertising is a powerful force within society—both... read more »

For this Story+ program students used a series of new... read more »

Nearly sixty years ago, a group of visionaries from the North... read more »

In July 2020, Duke will join the national trend of university... read more »

Since opening its doors in 1932, the Duke Chapel has served as... read more »

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) has been working with... read more »

American capitalism has always created opportunities for... read more »

The United States has seen an explosion of efforts to raise... read more »

From the removal of white supremacist Julian S. Carr’s name... read more »