Are you drafting a proposal for a book, fellowship, or grant?  FHI provides project consultations and editorial feedback on proposal narratives for faculty in the humanities and interpretive social sciences across campus. Contact Sylvia Miller, Senior Program Manager for Scholarly Publishing and Special Projects, at

Sylvia regularly advises faculty and graduate students on the following:

  • Shaping proposal narratives for books, fellowships, and grants
  • Making your work understandable to nonspecialists on review committees
  • Choosing and approaching a scholarly publisher
  • Turning your dissertation into a book or planning your second book
  • Determining when to apply for a Faculty Book Manuscript Workshop
  • Proposal Dos and Don’ts and publishing literacy for writing groups
  • Planning and budgeting for digital projects
  • Devising credible and practical work plans and timelines
  • Publishing a multimedia project or connecting the modes of a multimodal project
  • Determining collaborative project structures
  • Choosing among National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) opportunities and understanding the NEH proposal process

Sylvia has many years’ experience as an editor, publisher, grantwriter, and grant manager.  You can read more about her here.