We live in an age when stories—whether in the form of myths, novels, film and television series, virtual reality games, news narratives and commercial branding, among many others—are more vital than ever. Proceeding from a conviction that there is an urgent need to talk about, reflect on, and critically engage with the phenomenon of storytelling, Story Lab affords a dynamic space for exploring what it means to make story, embody story, analyze story, talk story, and live story. The Lab offers an opportunity to study and foster a space for storytelling, connecting research with expression. The Lab is co-directed by Professors Eileen Chow (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), Carlos Rojas (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), and Clare Woods (Classical Studies).

Story Lab offers a richly interwoven program of research, creative expression, course work, and civic engagement involving faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. The Lab also reaches beyond literary and cultural productions to consider how stories are marshaled for use in the sciences, in public policy, in business, law, and politics.

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Fall 2015 - Spring 2018

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