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Camera Digita: Portraits of AI’s Role in the Futures of All


This is a project of inclusion, representation, and empowerment. Camera Digita: Portraits of AI’s Role in the Futures of All will address the core issue of how digital technologies—especially emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies—are bringing about massive social changes, while at the same time many of the most impacted communities have limited voice in the development of the technologies or related law and policy. This project integrates arts and creative human-centered design principles to listen to traditionally marginalized stakeholders and elevate oft-excluded portraits and voices to help ensure our AI futures empower all.

We will help elevate these voices and portraits of inclusive AI through creative portraits, narratives, and artistic creations. This will be done through:

  • Interviews and outreach - Our team will receive training re: careful interview outreach and then conduct a series of interviews with stakeholders identified through various existing networks;
  • Artistic pieces that capture the above including videos, portraits, essays, etc.;
  • Producing and online ‘Zine exhibit through a platform such as Issuu to share this work with a wider audience.

Skills. We’ll be looking for students who:

  • Connect with others and express a deep sense of care, which is demonstrated through their extremely thoughtful and careful “bedside manner” 
  • Engage in deep learning about the complexity of socio-technical systems and avoid easy assumptions about technology.
  • Work across disciplines and recognize the value of inquiry from multiple perspectives.
  • Believe in the power of narrative, the power of the particular, and the importance of situating technology in context in order to understand tech’s impact on our world.
  • Have time management and project management skills, or a willingness to do their darn best to grow in these areas!
Project Sponsor(s): 

Jeff Ward, Director of the Duke Center on Law & Tech, Associate Dean for Technology & Innovation, and Clinical Professor of Law, Duke School of Law.

Dr. Ariana Eily, a science communication expert, a Fellow of the Duke Center on Law & Tech, and a former postdoctoral fellow of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society.

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  • Art
  • Computation
  • Visual Media
  • Oral History
  • Documentary
  • Civil Rights