Story+ Project

A Just and Equal Durham Audio Documentary Project


The Just and Equal Durham Project (JED) at the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice (PMC) is about history, accountability, and activism motivated by an evolving vision for our home community of Durham. Ten years ago, fifteen Durham community leaders, many of whom are still active social justice advocates, were asked to share their ideas about the power of story, specific and personally impactful stories of fairness and justice, and their vision for a just and equal Durham. This project will revisit those interviews and interviewees, inviting several of them to reflect on how Durham’s has or has not advanced in its journey toward justice and how their vision for a just Durham has changed.

The archival and newly created audio material will be shaped into several short audio documentaries, 2-4 minutes in length, that will be uploaded to the PMC website and shared via social media. This work advances the mission of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice documents to lift up stories from historically marginalized communities and puts them in service to advancing justice and equity for all.

Skills Required or Preferred:

Undergraduates will need to be comfortable talking with people they don’t know, and open to a collaborative and respectful working culture. An attitude of curiosity and a sense of personal humility are important to the students’ ability to work within the current culture of the Pauli Murray Center organization. Ideally, the students will have some experience with oral history, audio interviewing, audio editing, and writing. Importantly, students will have had some racial equity or cross cultural communication training.

The graduate student who serves as mentor to this project really needs to have the capacity to work collaboratively. Skills in the area of interviewing and documentary production would enable them to train and guide the undergraduate team.

Project Sponsor(s): 

Barbara Lau, Director of the Pauli Murray Project, Duke Human Rights Center at FHI; Executive Director of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice

Pauli Murray Mural, Durham NC, artist Brett Cook


  • Women
  • Oral History
  • Documentary
  • Civil Rights
  • History
  • African American Studies