Story+ Project

Student Action with Farmworkers Documentaries


Student Action with Farmworkers has been working with young activists to improve farmworker lives since 1992. Each year, SAF trains approximately 25 students on farmworker issues, and places them to work full-time with migrant education programs, legal aid offices, rural health clinics, community-based organizations and farmworker unions. In addition to this work, students conduct documentary projects with farmworkers to learn about their lives and to share with the public to raise awareness of farmworker issues. We have an incredible archive of almost 400 of these oral histories, photographs, audio recordings and videos that SAF students, the majority of whom are from farmworker families themselves, have conducted with farmworkers for the past 25 years. Students working on the SAF Story+ project will produce a series of short videos that share a representative selection of the themes we’ve heard in these oral history interviews with farmworkers. Our goal for the project is to produce 3-5 videos that we can share with our local communities and college campuses to educate consumers about the conditions farmworkers face and how people can take action for change in the agricultural system.

Project Sponsor(s): 

Joanna Welborn, SAF Communications Arts Director 

Graduate Mentor(s): 

Eladio Bobadilla, PhD Candidate in History


Ethan Ahuna, Mary McCall Leland, Kezia Matson


screenshot SAF video

The students created a dynamic and moving series of videos to be released later this summer.

Student Action with Farmworkers


  • Oral History
  • Documentary
  • Human Rights
  • History

Skills required

  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Collaborative Work
  • Community Engagement
  • Language Skills (Spanish)
  • Working with Primary Sources & Archival Research
  • Writing & Editing