The Coronavirus: Human, Social, and Political Implications

The Coronavirus: Human, Social, and Political Implications

The Duke Kunshan University Humanities Research Center in partnership with the Franklin Humanities Institute comprised a panel on the human, social and political implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The seminar presented an opportunity for Duke Kunshan University and Duke University faculty and students to collaborate in a discussion about COVID-19 and share perspectives from China and around the world. The objective of this session was to engage in deeper, reflective dialogue about the human, social, and political implications of COVID-19, and to discover areas for interdisciplinary engagement. Topics in this session were: Health Humanities, Student Voices, and US-China Relations.


-Benjamin Anderson, Assistant Professor of Global Health, Duke Kunshan University

-Benjamin Bacon, Associate Professor of Digital Media, Duke Kunshan University

-Nicole Elizabeth Barnes, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of History, Duke University

-Chen Chen, Duke University Undergraduate Student

-Robert Delaney, US Bureau Chief, South China Morning Post

-Ralph Litzinger, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

-Andrew MacDonald, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Duke Kunshan University

-James Miller, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Strategy and Co-Director of the Humanities Research Center, Duke Kunshan University

-Yanping Ni, Duke University Graduate Student

-Carlos Rojas, Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies; and Arts of the Moving Image, Duke University; and Co-Director of the DKU Humanities Research Center

-Denis Simon, Executive Vice Chancellor, Duke Kunshan University