Disability & Universal Design | 25th Anniversary of the ADA

Disability & Universal Design | The ADA Turns 25

In 2015, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) turned 25 - but is true inclusion still elusive?
In a compelling op-ed published in the News & Observer and elsewhere this past summer, Duke University & 2015 Truman Scholar, Jay Ruckelshaus asserts that:
"We should recognize that all citizens owe one another a basic degree of respect and dignity. We should push for principles of universal design and for increased representation of disability in the media because, as the gay rights movement has demonstrated, visibility and familiarity are fast lanes to acceptance."
Along with Ruckelhaus, this panel discussion also features Tsai Lu Liu, Head of the College of Design at NC State University; Leigh Fickling, the Executive Director of Duke Disability Management System; and Todd Carmody, Lecturer in History and Literature at Harvard University.