The Koch Network and Academic Integrity: Is There A Conflict?

The Koch Network and Academic Integrity: Is There A Conflict?

The network of arch-right billionaire and multi-millionaire donors built by Charles and David Koch is funding a vast apparatus of organizations to radically change public policy and the law on matters from health care and environmental protection to labor and tax policies and reproductive rights and voting, even to alter the U.S. Constitution. The Charles Koch Foundation is now funding centers on campuses, too—including at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Will this presence just expand dialogue or does it represent something more disturbing? This panel of faculty and community leaders explored the impact on our state of the Koch political operations (and those of those of their longtime North Carolina ally, Art Pope) to address vital questions for the future of our universities, our state, and our country.


William Chafe, Alice Mary Baldwin Professor Emeritus of History and Public Policy at Duke

Tomas Lopez, Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina

Kate Torrey, Board Chair of Planned Parenthood Votes, South Atlantic

Rebekah Barber, researcher and writer at Institute for Southern Studies

Steve Boyd, Easley Professor of Religion at Wake Forest University