Left of Black | "Small Talk at Rofhiwa" with Author Chantal James

Left of Black | "Small Talk at Rofhiwa" with Author Chantal James

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19-year old Ham had to flee New Orleans in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, leaving behind Miss Pearl, his foster mother. Now, he makes the trek back to his home to find out if Miss Pearl survived carrying the only thing he could take with him––a pendant she gave him that contain the haunted bones of a long-dead saint from 17th century Peru. This is the premise behind the electric new novel, "None But the Righteous," written by author Chantal James and published by Counterpoint Press. Ms. James joined Dr. Neal at the Rofhiwa Book Café in Durham for an intimate discussion about the themes of the book and what lies next for this ambitious young writer.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution praises the author, saying: "Chantal James’ lyrical debut is a deeply contemplative and transcendent study of relationships and human behavior . . . 'None But the Righteous' emerges as a provocative and compelling examination of the human spirit, the ties that bind people to each other and the way people are shaped by the things that happen to them, far more than the choices they make."

This discussion between host Dr. Mark Anthony Neal and author Chantal James is the second installment of a new series called "Small Talk at Rofhiwa," a collaboration between Rofhiwa Books Café and Left of Black, the longest running video webcast produced at Duke by the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute. The "Small Talk at Rofhiwa" series takes its inspiration from Gil Scott-Heron's debut recording "Small Talk at 125th and Lenox."

Learn more about Chantal James here: https://www.chantaljames.net/

Find her book here: https://www.counterpointpress.com/books/none-but-the-righteous/

Left of Black is a web series featuring interviews with Black Studies scholars produced by the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University.

Directed and edited by Eric Barstow, MFA. Additional camera work by Duke student Tessa Delgo. Additional editing by Duke student Lukas Sanchez.