Social Movements Lab at FHI

Social Movements Lab at Duke University

Social movements are more powerful when they are intersectional and international. The Social Movements Lab at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute works to reveal and create connections between movements in different social domains and national spaces. This humanities research lab takes into account that a large portion of social movements are animated by activist-scholars who theorize the work of movements, inside and outside of universities, even as they take part in them. Thus, the lab approaches its analysis of movements by avoiding a theory/practice divide. In collaboration with departments, the lab is a hub for campus events organized to understand various social movements in progress and in relation to each other, connecting students, faculty, and Duke departments, centers, and institutes in the humanities and social sciences. Affiliated with the Academy for Global Humanities and Critical Theory, a joint project of Duke University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Bologna, the lab also draws students and faculty from these partnering institutions. Projects extend beyond the campus to engage activists in discussion through videoconferencing and visits to Duke’s campus.