Story+ 2021 | Mapping Roots with Migrant Roots Media

Story+ 2021 | Mapping Roots with Migrant Roots Media

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Migrant Roots Media ( is a digital platform which amplifies the voices of migrants, children of migrants, and those struggling to thrive in their homelands to unearth the root causes of global migration. We strategically position intersectional voices to advance narratives and political analyses concerning migration and other social issues. Through investigative and first-person articles, media workshops, and campus collaborations, we work to reframe discourses around migration and human mobility. Our project will involve working with students, preferably migrants or children of migrants, to conduct research on the different social, political, economic, and/or environmental forces that destabilize communities and produce forced migration. The Mapping Roots team is a partnership between Story+ and Migrant Roots Media (MRM), a digital platform founded by Durham-based activist Roxana Bendezú. With its mission to unearth the root causes of migration, MRM strives to amplify the voices of migrants, children of migrants, and those struggling to stay and thrive in their homelands. Through MRM’s collaboration with Story+, student researchers were encouraged to select a country and conduct in-depth research on the complex matrix of push and pull factors that compel some citizens to leave and build lives elsewhere.

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-Cat Xia:

-Shreya Joshi:

-Juanita Vargas:

Story+ is a 6-week summer research experience for Duke undergraduates interested in exploring humanities research approaches (archival research, oral histories, narrative analysis, visual analysis, and more). The program combines research with an emphasis on storytelling for different public audiences. In Story+, students are organized into small project teams and have the opportunity to participate in a flexible mini “curriculum” on research methods and storytelling strategies. Team projects may be led by Duke faculty, Duke librarians, or non-profit organizations, and will be supervised on a day-to-day basis by graduate student mentors.