Story+ 2022 | Biocultural Sustainability in Madagascar

Story+ 2022 | Biocultural Sustainability in Madagascar

Our Biocultural Sustainability team had 6 weeks to create a new narrative of conservation that values people for the land in Madagascar. We researched Madagascar more broadly and then narrowed our scope to the Northeast region of SAVA. Themes included land rights, environmental justice, food security, subsistence agriculture, gender disparities in land ownership, vanilla trade and risks, environmental education, conservation policy and community forest management. We asked in our research: who is responsible for conservation? Each stakeholder has a part to play in conservation, but to echo our Duke Lemur Center Malagasy collaborator Evrard Benasoavina, “we are all responsible for conservation.”



Our outcomes were the following:

• Five interviews and collaborative design meetings with Duke Lemur Center and CURSA (SAVA university) students and staff

• Two feedback meetings with CURSA collaborators • ArcGIS Story Map: People for the Land in Malagasy and English

• Dissemination campaign for Story Map to networks, conservation workers, Madagascar based organizations:

• Final symposium video trailer Project Sponsor(s): James Herrera, Research Scientist, Duke Lemur Center SAVA Conservation Graduate Mentor(s): Bethany Old, Duke Lemur Center Undergraduates: Lucinda Law, Susan Lin, Meghna Parameswaran